Iron Sleek Drop-In Rinks are the easiest and fastest way to build a durable rink that will last for years. Assembly and installation is almost effortless - our Drop-In Rink can be built in less than 1 hour. All necessary parts and hardware is included. Installation is as simple as setting up your rink boards and dropping in the steel support brackets - no drilling required. Our drop in rinks are also fully customizable, you can start with one size and purchase extra boards and brackets to expand the size of your Drop-In Rink!

Our tough 1/2" thick poly-steel rink boards are constructed from HDPE - a strong and weatherproof polyethylene material. UV treated, our Drop-In rink boards can withstand any climate or weather condition. With a professional look and feel, our rink boards give you the classic hockey rink look. The board connectors are made from rust-proof galvanized steel - tough and durable. Our lightweight 2 foot boards provide you with unequaled support against ice while giving you a nice rebound for hockey pucks. Longer boards are harder to install due to uneven ground - you don't need to worry about that with our 2 foot boards.

Corner rounds are a standard feature of our Drop-In Rinks. Corner rounds keep the puck in play by not letting it get stuck in a 90 Degree corner. Corner rounds function the same as the other straight boards - simply drop it into place. Our Drop-In Rinks utilize steel support brackets that hold up to the impact and rigors of hockey play. Blue powder coated steel supports every 2 feet help to construct a strong and durable rink.

When it comes time for storage, they easily stack to take up a minimal amount of room - the same goes for the hockey boards. With Iron Sleek Drop-In Rinks, you simply drop your rink boards and brackets into place, wait until it is cold enough for water to freeze, and lay down your rink liner. Our Drop-In Rinks steel brackets can be adapted for hard surfaces such as sport courts, driveways, pavers, or mixed surfaces. Iron Sleek Drop-In Rinks - simple to install, customizable, and extremely durable.