Ontario and Greater Toronto Area

Building a backyard hockey ice skating rink in Toronto and Ontario is a breeze with Iron Sleek! Our backyard ice rink liners and ice rink components are in Canada. We cross the border early fall and break down our pallets so we can ship direct to you from our warehouse in Stratford, Ontario.  When you order products in Toronto or anywhere else in Ontario, there will not be any surprises.  We pay all the import taxes, while you will just pay standard GST and shipping when you check out on our web store.  We have many happy returning customers every year in Ontario.  Our liner is a 6 mil, 3 ply, virgin resin white liner which is a 1 mil thicker than the standard liner that is found in retail stores in Ontario.  We carry just about everything on our site for our Canadian customers but our economical and easy to use backyard ice rink kits are our best sellers.  The Iron Sleek brackets can be purchased in a 2 pack or 12 packs. 


We also have an established relationship with a professional install group who covers the GTA.  Please call us to discuss your rink.  If you are a returning customers, stay tuned to your e-mail as we will be providing you with a loyalty discount on your liner for next season.  If you are not able to find an installer in your area, consider going solo with our innovative all inclusive "Drop in Rink".  Drop in Rinks by Iron Sleek are by far the easiest way to build.  Click here to see the easiest way for the least handy to build a rink

toronto backyard ice rink