Backyard ice rink installations including full service options and customized rinks to fit your space and budget

Kids skating under the lights and snow on a backyard rink.

Standard Rink with Lighting

Backyard rink with rounded corners.  24

Upgraded Plywood Rinks:

Backyard ice rink on a sports court using plastic side boards.

Rinks on Sports Pads:

park district ice rink with plastic boards.

Park and Rec Rinks, full service.

We will tailor an ice rink to fit your space.  If your rink space is half on lawn and half on cement, no problem.  If you have to build an odd shaped rink, we have done that too.  Do you have so much pitch that it seems impossible, we can do it!  We have built platforms and have put together solutions to get our customers the rink they desire.  Do you want supplemental cooling but do not want full blown refrigeration, we have done platformed free cooling.  We have suspended rinks above pools and have done Portable Refrigerated Rinks for small commercial or residential use.  We love ice and we love building rinks.  If your project is small or large, we can help.  Iron Sleek is a full service provider of all aspects of the backyard rink.  We have designed exact products for your ice rink.  Iron Sleek patented products are used by 1000's of customers and installers through the US and Canada.  In IL, we are your installer and your product supplier.  We take pride in our work.  For our customers who want to skate year round, we also provide synthetic ice rinks in Chicagoland for basement rinks, rinks in garages, and rinks on sports pad.  Right here in the northwest suburbs of IL, you can pass by and give our synthetic ice a try.  In addition to solely installing rinks, we offer teardown services with haul away as well as full service ice grooming and maintenance.   Call us today (even in the summer) for a consultation. Click here to see more pictures of backyard ice rinks.  If you are not able to find an installer in your area, consider going solo with our innovative all inclusive "Drop in Rink".  Drop in Rinks by Iron Sleek are by far the easiest way to build. 


 **Click here to see the easiest way for the least handy to build a rink**.   


 The Process:

-Show and Tell, we will show you what you will be investing in.  That is, innovative, tough, steel brackets and rink accessories developed by Iron Sleek Backyard Rinks installed by experience rink builders. 

-Site Evaluation, we will help you determine the best possible site to build your rink.  We will brainstorm ideas to make you the best possible rink. 

-Grade Measure, we will measure your grade with a high tech laser transit.  No approximations on pitch, we measure it with exactness so there are no surprises. 

-Determination of Rink Size, we will help you optimize your rink size.  Bigger is not always better.  Time to optimize. 

-On the Spot Quotation, we will provide you with a price for your install and components right on the spot upon your request. 


The Money:

When a quote is accepted, we will take a small deposit and schedule for your rink build around Thanksgiving Day.  When your rink frame is successfully installed, we will then collect the balance of your obligation.  Just before the cold streak hits, we will unroll your liner and get the water started.  You have 2 jobs left do.  Get your hoses ready and then turn the water off when your minimum water level has reached 3 to 4 inches. 

Custom Rinks:

The options here are endless.  We will not take just the easy rinks.  We will build your custom ice rink even with up to 22 inches of water.  Remember, you only need 3" of ice above the water to skate. 

The less grade the better chance you will have to save money for your rink of dreams.  It will cost more money, but Iron Sleek has all the components and experience required for backyard ice rink installations to succeed in even the toughest of scenarios. 

Custom ice rinks could be arena style with back boards for the hockey lovers or they could be skating rinks with shorter boards for better cost efficiency. We can trick your rink out with Iron Sleek Poly boards, Topper Foam, Rink Rounds, and lights.  Just use your imagination. 

"I saw a banner at the Highland Park Ice arena offering full service set up, removal, and storage for a backyard rink. I am glad I met Mike from Iron Sleek as he delivered as promised. 2015-2016 was an average year for ice but we loved it and we are excited for Iron Sleek to bring back our rink in November. Iron Sleek is very reliable and trustworthy. The real deal, not hobbiest!"
Jeff G.
Lake Forest, IL

USA Residents:

We work with backyard rink installers throughout the Northern United States and are adding new installers yearly.  Give us a call and let us know where you live. 

Here in Chicago, you will have the unique benefit of working directly with Iron Sleek.  We are the manufacturer of all of the ice rink products and, in Chicagoland, we are also the installer.  You will benefit in cost savings because there will not be a shipping add-on since everything is stocked right here in Addison, IL.  Call us at 877-825-2334 to set up a site evaluation.  WE ARE THE MANUFACTURERS...WE ARE THE EXPERTS.  Parks, recs, social clubs, churchs and communities, do not pass up on having Iron Sleek plan you winter rink.   Click here to place your deposit. For a poly steel rink deposit, click here

Minnesota- Our installer Adam will take care of all of your ice rink needs.  Adam also offers teardown and storage. 

Ohio- In the greater Cleveland area, John will take care of your rink needs

New England-  We have qualified and trained backyard rink installers in Mass, Connecticut, and New Hampshire

New York-  We have representation in the Buffalo area

Backyard wonderland ice rink