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Iron Sleek has the best ice rink liners and poly tarps for your backyard skating or hockey rink! No matter the size, we have everything in stock and ready for delivery!  We have over 200 poly liner sizes available in the U.S. and over 100 sizes in Canada!  Our Park and Rec size large backyard ice rink liners are available for full NHL sizes and above!  

Our quality poly liners are perfect for both hockey and skating rinks, and come in 1 foot length increments and various widths up to 150 feet. Our comprehensive selection of sizes not only allows you to buy exactly the liner you need for your rink with minimal waste, but is also designed to meet your budget!  We basically have everything! 

 Try our new easy liner buy app or shop below to find a liner to suit your backyard hockey rink.  Feel free to give us a call if you do not see the ice rink poly tarp that you require, as not all sizes are listed.  Our basic liner is a 6 mil thick film, but we also do quick turn-around specials for string-reinforced, rip-stopping liners at 6 mil,8 mil, 10 mil, 12 mil and even 20 mil thick!  Please inquire; we have it all! 

Iron Sleek manufactures the finest quality 6 mil, multi-layered, white Ice Rink Liner and Poly Tarps at almost ANY size: 25', -28', -30', -32', -35', -40', -45', -50',-55', -60', and 65' wide films in all-white sheets!  We provide top side only white for our Park and Rec liners at 80', -100', -120' and 150’ widths!  We use only virgin polyethylene plastic resins (LDPE).  NO RECYCLED MATERIALS, NOPOST CONSUMER PRODUCTS ADDED, and NO INFERIOR MATERIALS, EVER!  Just 100% pure, waterproof, and completely non-toxic plastic sheeting that is specifically engineered for winter ice hockey and skating rinks. 

Our white plastic tarps are engineered to withstand even the most frigid winter cold and prevent cracking while being 100% water tight.  Our ice rink liners do not seep water like woven tarps can.  Unlike woven tarps, our Iron Sleek poly ice rink liners are both water resistant and 100% water-tight, which is an absolute necessity for freeze/thaw conditions! Iron Sleek offers optimized widths that are perfect for making both residential and commercial ice rinks, which make any kind of build even easier by allowing for fewer lumber cuts and minimal waste!  We also have truly massive ice rink poly plastic sheeting to service our Parks and Recs and most ambitious home customers!

How to choose an ice rink liner…

Make sure to choose a liner that is big enough to cover your entire skating surface, and then some.  Bigger is always better in this case, as a liner that is even one foot too small can force you to change your entire build!  The100% virgin polyethylene plastic ice rink tarp should reach all the way up the boards and droop down over the other side.  A great rule of thumb is to add5 feet or more to both the length and width.  For ground that has a lot of divots and humps, be sure to add even more than the recommended 5extra feet, as the liner will follow the exact contour of the ground. 

For example, a rink that is 30 by 50 should use an ice rink liner/tarp that is at least 35by 55.  Taller boards and choppy ground are both good reasons to err on the side of excess and go for even more than just the recommended extra 5 feet because once the sheet is down and filled with water, it cannot be shifted.  A bigger liner will give you plenty of tarp to work with and some rookie forgiveness for any misjudgments! 

Use Iron Sleek's blue rink topper foam for outside ice skating rinks to not only hold the liner in place, but also to give your rink a great finished look.  To get a discounted on your rink build, please see our selection of backyard ice rink kits.  Our rink kits come standard with Iron Sleek liners, as well as all of the critical hardware for your installation!SHP LINERS NOW

Installing your ice rink liner…

Handle your liner very carefully when installing it!  Keep any sharp or snagging objects away from your rink area or near your boards.  Also make certain that no screws are pointing into the interior of the rink, as this is a very costly and common mistake.  Even if you do make a mistake and accidentally puncture the liner: no problem!  Iron Sleek outdoor poly rink liners come with the highest quality super-sticky tape that form seals that are 100% water tight!  For any gaps at the bottom of your boards, fill them with soil and compact it down, or simply use our ice rink board foam cover.  Next, carefully unroll the full length of your liner, and then unfold the entire width.  With the liner completely laid out, tuck it down gently into the bottom edges and corners of the rink.  Do not staple your ice rink liner until the water is fully settled around the rink frame!  Once the liner is fully settled and the rink is filled, you need to affix the liner to the boards.  While stapling will work, a safer and more aesthetically pleasing solution would be to use our Iron Sleek Rink Topper.  Lastly, once the water is frozen, it’s time to skate and enjoy your new Iron Sleek ice rink!

INSTALLATION TIPS:  Never walk on your liner, and make sure to prevent pets and animals from walking on it when it’s laid on the ground!  Never reach into your rink enclosure with any tools, as a dropped tool can puncture the liner even if it is filled with water!

Our ice rink poly plastic liners come packed in durable, heavy-duty boxes and our shipping rates are extremely competitive.  Enjoy the convenience of getting ice hockey and skating rink products delivered right to your doorstep with just a few clicks!

Iron Sleek is your one-stop shop for any and all ice rink-related products and services!  No one is better at delivering world-class customer service and the highest quality products directly to your home.  Please call us for help or advice on your rink parts or installation at any time.  We are not just suppliers of ice rink products but are expert rink builders, as well!

Give us a call at 877-825-2334for info, tips or advice, or if you would simply like to inquire about our larger sizes and string-reinforced rip-stop poly liners.

REMEMBER:  Even our standard 25’-, 35’-, 45’-, 55’- and65’-wide liners come as a single piece of multi-layered and pin-hole free plasticALL WHITE AND NO RECYCLED MATERIAL, EVER!

Only the best, and all from Iron Sleek.

By Michael Barbanente updated 7/20/2021

"The guys at Iron Sleek were very knowledgeable. They helped me with many ideas for my rink. I bought a 40 by 60 ice rink liner from them that worked out awesome compared to the plastic tarp I bought last year. The liner was delivered to my doorstep in perfect condition and it came with a piece of underwater patch tape that came in handy. Next year I'm going try the Iron Sleek brackets. Thanks fellaz"

Ernie V.
Essex, Vermont

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