Sports Courts

Synthetic Ice Rinks and shooting lanes for indoor or outdoor use. Great for basement rinks, rinks on sports court pads, and even rinks in garages.

Iron Sleek offers the best of synthetic ice for indoor and outdoor applications.  Indoor synthetic sheets need only be 3/8" thick while outdoor is offered at 1/2" thick to better endure sub-zero weather.  Panels can be cut to fit right into your space and could be easily converted in the winter to become a real ice rink with our many ice rink components.  Synthetic ice is beneficial and enjoyable because you are actually skating with your ice skates.  Nothing can duplicate the true sensation of real ice but synthetic allows you to duplicate many of the same skating moves that can be accomplished on real ice for both hockey players and figure skaters.  Synthetic ice by Iron Sleek is truly the best alternative ice option.   It is an awesome skating surface that is very enjoyable.    

Synthetic ice in a rec room with 42 inch tall boards for hockey training or leisure.

Iron Sleek's synthetic ice panels are 8 feet by 4 feet wide and are made with an engineered HDPE formula that is optimized for reduced friction, better skatability, and optimal wear resistance.   Our high density poly sheets easily jigsaws together for assembly so that the least handy can put together a synthetic skating surface.  The dovetail pattern is not random, it is optimized!  It is optimized for strength, ease of assembly and, most of all, the low cut profile has no distortion.  The jigsaw dovetail is cnc machined so that the fit is precise with a slight interference to minimize friction.  You will be amazed!  If you are in Illinois near Chicago or in Minnesota near the twin cities, you can test skate the product or we can come by for a consultation. 

Synthetic ice close-up.  How to connect adjacent sections.

Coaching experts say that the most effective way to practice stickhandling is on your own skates.  Synthetic ice by Iron Sleek is a great surface for hockey training, shooting lanes for practicing or for just tooling around with your real skates on.   Our product has embedded dry lubricants within the synthetic poly panels but for best performance we still recommend a quick wipe down followed by a light misting with our glide activator.  Some manufacturer claim to be "self-lubricated", yes, ours is too but we will tell you the truth.  For the "best" performance on a self lubricated surface, a quick non-toxic mist of our glide activator once every 2 weeks is worth the joy of the glide.     

Synthetic ice rink with rounded corners.  42 inch tall white boards with yellow kicker.

Iron Sleek is your one stop shop for any synthetic ice rink project.  We manufacture the boards, the brackets, and, most importantly, the experience and knowledge to help tailor make the recreational rink of your dreams. We do it all!  Call us today to start the brainstorming on your project or start shopping for a shooting lane.  You can test our product out right here in Chicago if you want to learn more.  Call us up or make an appointment right here in Illinois to get the ideas started. 


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