These Backyard Ice Rink Ground Brackets for tall boards are the ultimate hard ground bracket for hockey boards.  Excellent for synthetic ice or Sport pad tiles, Indoor or Outdoor use.  It can be used with our 42" poly steel boards or with custom boards made of lumber up to 48 inches tall.  The brackets is 32" inches tall10" deep and 1/8"  thick.  Made of 100% steel and has an attractive blue streamlined design which is completely versatile.  Our Backyard Ice Rink Ground Brackets are specifically designed with a 1” notched to aid with any expansion and contraction making them a perfect fit for synthetic ice and sports court tiles.  The brackets are STEEL so they are still sleek and strong but they are also PRECISE.  If you pilot holes or use concrete anchors, the holes will always line up and be interchangeable for easy assembly and disassembly.

This package includes:

1 Iron Sleek Hard Court bracket for 42" tall boards.

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Iron Sleek Hard Court bracket for 42" Height Boards
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